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Boutique custom software development and IT consulting

Engineered digitalization with control and ease.


Software development & IT consulting

Whether it is a simple company website or the development of a complex web and mobile application, the work begins on our design table. We ask a lot of questions, assess the exact needs, specify business needs so formulate the goal of the development, and prepare a schedule. If you only see your goal in front of you, we will advise the best way you can reach it.

IT Audit

We help analyze your company's IT infrastructure as well as your organization's processes and procedures. We evaluate the current situation and make recommendations for improvements.

Mobile applications

We create our applications using the most modern, tested and widespread technologies and methods. We make sure that they also meet future needs, can be further developed and updated.

Project and Quality Management

Throughout the lifetime of our cooperation, a project manager maintains contact with the client, ensuring the proper flow of information, meeting deadlines, communicating and monitoring the current tasks of both parties according to the schedule.

eCommerce solutions

We specialize in redesigning, renewing, transforming, and updating operating online stores, but we are also happy to undertake the development of new ones. We get to know the partner's internal processes, map them to the new store, migrate and clean the data (users, products, purchases), and based on our experience, make recommendations for more efficient operation. All this while keeping the business up and running.

UX/UI Design

After a precise needs assessment, we design the application or website structure. We examine that it serves the purpose of the project while providing the highest possible user experience. If necessary, we will modify it. After achieving the appropriate result, we draw the interface.

How do we work?

For the constant high-quality work we:


you about your challenges and goals

Deep learn

the fundamentals of your business and logic


and test the digital solution that matches your exact needs


this process in every milestones so we can avoid dead-ends and continuously improve within an upscaling spiral

Our colleges

About us 

The cornerstones of our success are our colleagues, and this becomes tangible via those result which we achieve together with our partners. The results bear on three pillars:

Quality work
Zero tolerance for negligence and worthlessness. Every character, piece of code, and customer conversation you type must create value. Shorter lead times, faster returns, and everyone doing what they do best.

At the top of the profession
Everything is changing, including technologies and methodologies. Our colleagues are expected - and helped - to keep their knowledge up to date. We are committed to continuous improvement and efficiency.

Partner relationship
Our clients are our partners. We are allies for a purpose that moves us both forward. All our colleagues work for this, regardless of their position. We give more.



Our colleagues love working with us! We are in a continuous growth, therefore, there is almost always a task that we would like to give to someone else. Maybe right now, right for you?

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IT Project Manager

Full Stack Web Developer


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