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Our colleagues love working with us! We are in a continuous growth, therefore, there is almost always a task that we would like to give to someone else. Maybe right now, right for you?

Workplace culture

The foundation of our work ethic is the team, respect for each other, and helping out colleagues. We work like a team, therefore

  • We don’t play blaming games!
  • We use feedforward instead of feedback.
  • We are all human, hence we are allowed to make mistakes
  • We always welcome questions

Strict and effective meetings in a limited number, lots of Home Office, family-friendly workplace. We let you work – with us and on yourself as well. This way, you will have a direct effect on our successes!

We drive a high variety of projects using state of art technologies, following global best practices and professional trends.

We are a world-class team, and our colleagues like work with us. Why? They tell us!

Erik Farkas

Senior Full Stack Developer
“After all, Developio is … Developio! Working together has always been a win-win.”

Roland Móré

Junior Developer
"I like to work at Developio because I get all that I might need as a junior. "

István Gellért Kovács

Junior Developer
"I like that we work with the latest technologies, and that I can turn for help to anyone, anytime. Modern thinking and flexibility characterise the whole team.."

Alexandra Rohfeld

UX/UI designer
UX/UI designer "When my boss calls, I never have to pick up with a knot in my stomach. With reason, I get the opportunity to be part of more responsible decisions. It gives me the confidence that makes me more productive and braver every day."
1. Application
We promise to open and read every application. Indeed. Also, we rarely organize more than two rounds, but we have never had to do four. If, based on your application, we feel that we can have a future together, we will definitely get back to you! It is important to pay attention to the application method described in the application!
2.We are happy for you!
The first round of introductions will take place in a video call. Don't be surprised: you won't find much in the way of formal, artificial circumstances. We'll talk as if we've just met somewhere, just the topic will be specific. We're looking for a teammate and giving of ourselves - do the same! And if our ideas don't match, no problem: we won't be offended and it's better for you if we find out first, right?
If we had the vibration, in the second round - which will preferably be a personal round - we would like to do some practical tasks together with you, and continue getting to know each other. Here, after your soft skills, you can also convince us of your professional competence. If for some reason we feel the need for another round, even just to discuss some questions that have not yet been asked, then we will arrange a last appointment.
If we think we'd definitely like to work with you, we'll make you an offer, which we'll match to your salary expectations, the market environment and what we had seen. We provide you with the tools you need to get the job done, and we're proud to be able to increase your salary annually and give you bonuses. We plan for the long term with our colleagues.
Information Unfortunately, we do not have an infinite amount of time, so please note that if you do not hear from us within 10 working days of your application, or within 5 working days of the first round, it means that we have found a candidate who we think is better suited to the position. However, if we invite you for a second round, we will inform you in writing afterwards, no matter how we decide, and we will share our impressions with you if you wish.