Dear Visitor from Baumgartenberg,

Thank you for visiting our website. As you see, our business language is English. For project management and consulting we are pursuing to supply services in German soon.

Are you ready to use your 500 EUR gift and level up in your digitalization? Here are the details:

1. One project, one voucher

One can use more pieces of vouchers, but for one project (contract, assignment, “development unit”, consultancy or any other service) only one voucher can be used.

2. Who can use the voucher?

Every company seated in Baumgartenberg and every private person who is living in Baumgartenberg. Not sure what applies to you? Or do you have a special situation? Just reach out to us and we will find the solution.

3. Validity of the voucher

The voucher is available for every project for which we signed a contract not later than the 31st of January 2023. All project starts and kick-offs in practice depend on our actual availability.

4. Voucher value

The voucher can not be exchanged to cash neither to any other form of money nor to physical products. The value of the voucher will be represented and deducted as a discount from the final project or consulting price.

5. Miscellaneous

The voucher does not oblige us to provide any kind of services we can not or do not want to fulfill. The final offer and the details of the agreement shall be specified in a custom quotation and in the written contract between you and us. Developio is a Hungary-based legal entity (LLC, GmbH), though contracting with our local, Austrian partner is possible.

To discuss your requests and needs, and to arrange a meeting please reach us out on the contact details below:

Adorján Tóth
Managing Partner
Tel.: +43 660 925 1690